Garage Conversions

With modern cars  seeming to get wider or wing mirrors getting bigger we are increasingly being asked to convert twin garages into large single openings.

We are able to offer a full building conversion and garage door installation service our services include.

  • FREE onsite feasibility survey with our surveyor.
  • Product suitability information.
  • Break down of all building and door costs.
  • Building and garage door installation scheduling.

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The building work is normally carried out over 2 - 3 days with the garage door installation being fitting on the 4th day, this work is scheduled in to cause the least inconvenience as possible.

Normal structural changes are replacement of lintels with single RSJ type steel or flitch beam where suitable, pad stones for load distribution over brick piers, moving or supplying electrical fittings including down lighting, PIR sensors etc.

We will also work with your own builders and are happy to liaise with all trades when needed.

If you have questions please just ask