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Up & Over - Retractable Doors

Retractable Garage Doors are made from Steel – Timber – GRP & ABS and are available in standard sizes or made to measure options.

  • Automate Easily
  • Large Choice of styles
  • Standard Ral Colours

Up & Over Garage Doors Explained

Up & Over doors are a safe and reliable solution for your garage door opening. Available in a variety of styles and materials, including steel, timber or GRP, you are sure to find a door to suit your home. Steel Up & Over garage door range offers excellent value for money, without compromising on quality, and are available in a choice of ribbed and panelled designs. Timber Up & Over garage doors are separated into two ranges, the Solid Cedar range which is constructed from solid red cedar, and the Elizabethan range which is built from a combination of plywood and solid red cedar. These doors provide natural beauty and warmth that can only be found with real timber; with the right care and attention these doors will last for years to come.  They are available in a choice of colours and either canopy, retractable or retractable plus gearing.

Just Some Of The Steel DoorDesigns


Finger Protection


Long Service Life


User Friendly


Secure Locking

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1: Finger Protection

Flexible protective caps on the lever arms and the flexible plastic rails between the door leaf and the frame are just two examples of the numerous safety options for our up-and-over garage doors . They prevent accidental crushing or trapping.

2: Long Service Life

If one of the springs of the lever arms breaks after many years of use, the other intact springs support the door. This reliably protects the door from crashing. The distance between the spring windings is so minimal that even children’s fingers are protected from getting caught.

3: User Friendly

When the door is opened completely, it is cushioned by the stop and comes to a safe, reliable halt in the track well. When closing, the specially-formed lever arm presses the door against the frame tightly and the door pulls itself closed.

4: Secure Locking

The unique rotary catch lock in up-and-over doors firmly fixes the corners of the door leaf to the frame, locking it much more securely than a common bolt lock. It is practically impossible to force the door open. 

Up & Over - Canopy Doors

Canopy gearing means the door panel runs vertically on tracks on the side frame and a spring assembly on the top of the frame. When open, the door panel protrudes approximately 1/3 forming a canopy. There are no tracks running back into the garage when the door is closed.

  • Space Saving
  • Large Choice of styles
  • Standard Ral Colours

Just Some Of The Timber DoorDesigns

Just some Of The GRP DoorDesigns

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