Hörmann have expanded their range of Thermo 65 steel entrance doors to now offer a new
acoustic-rated door, additional door styles and accessories, together with increased colour
The Thermo 65 door range offers solid construction – featuring a 65mm door leaf,
exceptional thermal insulation and can achieve U-values as low as 0.87 W/M2K. Impressive
security is in-built with all doors equipped with a 5-point security lock, with RC2 security
equipment available as an option.
A new acoustic-rated door, which includes a thermal break, has been launched to combine
both protection against noise pollution along with good thermal insulation. The door
provides an acoustic rating category of 3 (43dB) and a U-value of 0.95 w/(m2K).
To add to an already impressive selection of door styles, several new designs have been
introduced featuring additional glazing options. Whilst the introduction of one-way plate
glass, which is also available for side elements and transom lights, provides an additional
opportunity to add light and creative design whilst also protecting privacy. Further
enhancing the ability to create a unique front door is the introduction of a range of
accessories in elegant Jet-black, which mirror the latest trend for black interior fittings
popular in both kitchens and bathrooms. The Thermo 65 black.edition provides both exterior
and interior lever handles and matching stainless steel glazing frames which together create
a sleek, modern look.
The selection of Hörmann preferred colours available has also been expanded to include a
selection of on-trend greys such as Basalt Grey, Dusty Grey and Grey Aluminium. Designed
to complement modern architecture these new preferred colours are also available in the
Hörmann sectional garage door range, which means that matching entrance doors and
garage doors has never been easier.