Garage Door Article
August 2021
Garage Doors – Making the right choice
Enhancing your property and adding to its kerb appeal is all about making the right choice
for your home’s exterior – the windows, entrance doors, landscaping and, of course, your
garage door. Often overlooked, the garage can be one of the most prominent features of
your home’s façade and choosing the right garage door to complement your property’s
exterior is important.
However, whilst aesthetics are high on the list of priorities, there are a number of other
considerations to be taken into account, and with such a large selection of door types
available and a wide range of price options, it can be confusing. Here we offer some advice
to help you choose the right door for your home.
Door Type
The up-and-over steel garage door is still the most popular door in the UK. A practical and
cost-effective solution, they available with two types of mechanism; retractable or canopy.
The retractable version opens fully into the garage, whilst a canopy door will protrude in front
of the garage when open.
A Roller garage door opens vertically, literally ‘rolling up’ into the aperture above the door
opening, offering maximum space inside and in front of your garage. They are ideal for
short or multi-car driveways as you can park a car very close to the door, whilst the lack of a
track mechanism within the garage means that your ceiling is free for lighting and storage. A
smooth operating door, which is easy to use and is particularly suited to automation.
Sectional garage doors also open vertically and are suspended under the ceiling, again
maximising space within and in front of your garage. Made up of individual panels, sectional
doors can be customised to fit irregular sizes and shaped openings.
As they provide enhanced security and thermal efficiency, they are becoming increasingly
popular as more people use their garages for additional leisure space and storage.
Side-sliding doors offer the option of a door that opens to the side on a track and leaves the
ceiling space of your garage completely free. However, they do take up more room to the
side and can reduce the overall floor space in the garage.
For a more tradition look side hinged doors, sometimes referred to as Carriage doors, are a
good choice. Opening outwards, they are usually supplied in wood and can be easily
customised for a visually appealing garage door.
All modern garage doors should be supplied with the latest in high security mechanisms and
quality locking system to help deter intruders. Sectional doors which are automated can
also be supplied with an anti-lift feature which gives additional protection against forced
entry. It is also worth researching and selecting a door which has Secured by Design
certification for added peace of mind.
Established in 1989, Secured by Design (SBD) is a flagship security accreditation which was
created by the Police Force in the UK. SBD accreditation means the garage door will have
undergone thorough independent security and safety tests. Involving a prolonged bruteforce attack the tests are designed to demonstrate the strength and robust nature of the
Thermal efficiency
Conserving energy and saving money is important to us all and it is a significant aspect to
consider when selecting a garage door. A well-insulated garage door is ideal if you have an
integrated garage, or if you use your garage as additional recreational or storage space. It
will help to maintain the temperature balance between your home and garage and keep any
items stored within the garage in good condition.
With their modern, double skinned panel construction and superior sealing, sectional doors
tend to be the best choice when looking for a thermally efficient door. When fitted with an
additional thermal break, sectional doors can achieve U values as low as 1.0 W/M2K.
Automated Doors
Automating your garage door is well worth considering. The primary benefit of an
automated garage door is ease of operation, typically from the comfort and security of your
vehicle, especially beneficial in bad weather and when returning home late at night.
Providing quick access into the garage using a secure, easy to use hand transmitter or via a
mobile phone, most of the popular garage door types can be automated.
The latest hand transmitters use secure encryption protocols which provides a stable,
interference range that ensures no-one can hack into the operating system and open the
garage door. Bluetooth technology available on some controllers also enables the user to
open and close the door from a mobile phone or tablet, which is in addition to the
conventional operation by way of remote control using handheld transmitters.
With the increasing popularity of Smart home devices, some garage door manufacturers are
introducing their own Smart hubs which operate via an app and enable you to control your
garage door from a central platform together with your heating, security, and other smart
Styles and finishes
With such a vast range of styles, finishes and colours on offer there is a garage door to suit
your property no matter what age.
Ranging from the more traditional raised panel door to the contemporary designs,
enhancements such as glazing, design elements and inlays ensures ample opportunity to
create your own unique door style.
Surface finishes and colours add a further chance to produce a personalised, eye-catching
door. Some of the latest trends include finishes that replicate the contours of slate; textured,
modern finishes such as concrete or rusty steel, through to contemporary metallic colours
such as Anthracite Grey.
With so many options available some garage door manufacturers provide on-line door
configurators where you can design your ideal garage and by uploading an image of your
façade you can view it in place, helping you make the right choice.
Bylined to Hörmann – David O’Mara, Marketing Manager Hörmann UK